Friday, December 12, 2014

Bangladeshi Model Actress Zinat Sanu Swagata

Zenat sanu Swagata nick name is Swagata is a most popular and talented model actress in Bd entertainment arena. From her childhood Swagata started her steps in various media sections. Her father is a music teacher, Swagata learn music from her father. Her father’s name is Khoda Boskh sanu. Swagata was born on 31st August.

Bangladeshi actress Swagata acted in many television dramas. She is still a popular actress in television media. Her notable television dramas are: ‘Radio Chocolate’, ‘College Road’, ‘Nongor’

Bangladeshi Model Actress Zinat Sanu Swagata
Bangladeshi Model Actress Zinat Sanu Swagata

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bangladeshi Model Actress Ahona Biography and Pictures

Ahona is a Bangladeshi sweet girl. She stepped in media through most popular Bangladeshi beauty pageant Binodon Bichitra Photogenic Contest 2006 when she was only 15 and she was studying in college. 2006 Ahone was top contestant in Binodon Bichitra Photogenic Contest, she was the one of five contestant.

Bangladeshi Model and Actress Ahona’s Biography:

Bd model actress Ahona was born on 4 April 1987 in port city Chittagong. She got media and audience attention when she participate in Bangladeshi top beauty pageant Binodon Bichitra Photogenic Contest 2006. After that she started to perform in television commercial (TVC) and acting in television dramas. Bangladeshi actress Ahona debuted in Bangladeshi film industry through movie ‘Chakorer Prem’ with co actor Amin Khan directed by Rakibul Alam Rakib.

Bangladeshi model and actress Ahona performed in many television commercials (TVC). Her notable television commercials are: Pepsodent, Nescafe, Pran Juice, Transcom Electronics, Jui Coconut Oil, Grammen Phone Djuice, Cosmos Biscuit and many others local and international brands.
Bd actress Ahona performed in many television dramas. Her notable TV dramas are: Mahfuj Ahmed’s “Choita Pagla”, Ferdous Hasan’s “O Amar Bondhu”, Shourojoy Chowdhury’s “Obosheshey Natokey Porinoto Holo”, Rony Shuvo’s “Onnorokom Eid, Arif Rahman’s “Opekkha”, Ahmedand Yousuf Saber’s “Mamar Breaking News” and Ziauddin Alam’s “Ek Polokey”.

Model Actress Ahona
Bangladeshi film actress Ahona started her acting in Bangladeshi film through ‘Chakorer Prem’. But the movie is commercially floped. After that she stop performing in Bangladeshi movie for some times.

After a small break Bangladeshi film actress Ahona decided to back to film and in late 2011 she signed up for Rafique Shikder’s movie ‘Paddo Parer Parboti’. The shooting started in 2012

After some shooting Ahona decided to not work in the movie for some unknown reasons. Recently Ahona started her next movie F I Manik’s film ‘Dui Prithibi’ with co actor Sakib Khan, Apu Biswas.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bangladeshi Model and Actress Kushum Shikder

Kushum Sikdar is a popular Bangladeshi actress and model. She starts her career as a singer. She released four albums already but none of them commercially successful. Kushum Sikdar started her media career through Lux Photogenic Contest 2002. Now she is same popular in both media television and movie.
Bangladeshi ActressKushum Shikder studied at Rajshahi University.She came to spot light with Lux Photogenic contest 2002. After that she perform many TVC. Her notable television commercials are: was Lux. After that she participated in TVC’s of Lipton and Banglalink. 

Bangldeshi actress Kushum Shikder successfully perfored in many Bangladeshi Drama (Bangla Natok)Through acting in Bangla Natok Kushum Shikder got audience attention. Her notable dramas are: “Tin Purush”, “Noukadubi”, “Bagh Putul”, “Jyotsnakaal”, “Shawla”, “Meghbalika”, “Jolpori”, “1920”, ”Ek E Shunno Dosh“, ”Meyeti Ekhon Kothay Jabe” and Aim in Life”
Bangladeshi Model Kushum Shikder
Bangladeshi Model Kushum Shikder
Bangladeshi Film Actress Kushum Shikder already  acted in two films. Her first Bangladeshi movie was Khalid Mahmud Mithu’s ‘Gohiner Shobdo’ and Swapon Ahmed’s ‘Lal Tip’.’ Gohiner Shobdo’ was not commercially successful but ‘Gohiner Shondo’ won the National Award. ‘Lal Tip’ was commercially successful and Kushum Shikder got huge film makers and audience attention.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bd Ramp Model Ruma News and Biography

Ruma is a popular and skilled ramp model in Bangladesh. She is the top ramp model in Bangladeshi ramp model arena. She is professional and talented. Ruma was born on 25 August 1988 in Dhaka (Old Dhaka). She started her career as ramp model. She already performed in a few Bangladeshi television drama,  but she is not a successful drama actress. Bd ramp model Ruma performed two Bangladeshi television dramas. her notable dramas are:Ditiya Esthan Thake’,‘Interview’.
Bd Ramp Model Ruma
Bd Ramp Model Ruma
 Bangladeshi actress Ruma performed in may TVC (television commercial) her notable TVC are:
Fanta, Hitachi electronics, O2, Warid Telecom, Meril lip Gel and Gorgeous Saradin



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