30 October, 2013

Bangladeshi Actress Model Yamin Haque Bobby Update News Pictures Video

Bangladeshi actress Eamin Haque Bobby is a  hotter sexy model actress in Bd entertainment related media. She was born 1987. Bangladeshi hot model Yeamin Haque Bobby is the winner of Bangladeshi Super model competition. She is a new generation star and she already builds her space in audience heart. She is a winner of Miss Asia Pacific 2011 competition.

Bangladeshi actress Yamin Haque Bobby

29 October, 2013

Bangladeshi New Commer Cinema Actress Mahiya Mahi Latest News

Mahiya mahi is a very popular name in Bangladeshi film industry. She is a new comer in Bangladeshi entertainment industry. With in short time Bangladeshi actress Mahi established herself as a professional actress. Mahi was born in Rajshahi and her birth date is 27 Oct 1993. Her first movie is 'Valobasher Rong' which made mahi very popular. After Valobasher Rong mahi already performed in many Bangladeshi film. Her notable film is 'Valobasher Rong', Anno Rokom Valobasha,Pora mon' etc.

Bangladeshi Actress Mahiya Mahi

27 October, 2013

Bangladeshi Model Actress Mounita Khan Ishana News Latest HD Pictures Video Biography

 Ishana is a top model actress in Bangladeshi entertainment media. Ishana is her nick name her full name is Mounita Khan Ishana. She was a Lux Chanel I Superstar 2009 top contestant. Mounita Khan Ishana was born in Comilla and her birth date is 16 December.

Mounita Khan Ishana

25 October, 2013

Bangladeshi model actress Borsha latest exclusive pictures video and news

Barsha is a very known and popular name in Bangladeshi media industry. Borsha started her media career as a model. She performed in many popular TVC. Her popular television commercials are Keya coconut oil, Grameen phone and her latest advertisement is 'Chaka washing powder'.

Bangladeshi actress borsha

20 September, 2013

Bangladeshi entertainment related media artist latest news and pictures

Day by day Bangladeshi entertainment industry growing and we saw many world class performers
in the industry. Now a day ramp modelling is very popular and it is the gateway to build careers
in the Bangladeshi entertainment world.We saw every year many talented and successful artist came
to Bangladeshi media through ramp modelling. Every year new comer gather in Bangladeshi TV related
media, commercial film. In the article I have submitted some successful and talented Bangladeshi media
artist picture.
Bangladeshi entertainment artist

19 September, 2013

Bangladeshi Singer Borsha Chowdhury Latest News, Biography

Borsha Chowdhury is a well known name in Bangladeshi new generation music lovers.There are a few singers like Borsha who became such popular. Borsha not only a singer, but she also likes to compose music. Music is her dream. Borsha came to audience attention when her first audio album name 'Borsha Mix' released. In 2012 Bangladeshi singer Borsha Chowdhury released her second album name 'Duet Borsha'. Bangladeshi singer Borsha chowdhury learnt music from her uncle Kabir Hossain for the first time. Later she got training from BAFA.She firstly gave vocal for a track in a Soundtek’s album titled ‘Swapnojatra’ in 2003. She was away from music for near about eight years due to physical illness. In the post I have added some exclusive and HD photograph of singer Borsha.
Bangladeshi Singer Borsha Chowdhury
Bangladeshi Singer Borsha Chowdhury

19 May, 2013

Bangladeshi Girls Latest Hot Sexy Image and Wallpaper

There are many hot sexy girls in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi girls are naturally hot and sexy. They are not only hot sexy, they are talented gorgeous also. There are many Bangladeshi entertainment media in Bangladesh. Many hot sexy girls involve in Bangladeshi entertainment sectors like TV media, film, media, art show, fashion show, modelling. Every year, many Bangladeshi girls come to various media to select their profession.
Bangladeshi girls

28 March, 2013

Bangladeshi ramp model actress Lux Superstar Sumaiya Azgar Raha has mysteriously died

Bangladeshi ramp model actress Lux Superstar Sumaiya Azgar Raha has mysteriously died. Sumaiya Azgar Raha was a top model in Bangladeshi media sector. She was Lux Channel I super star 2007.Bangladeshi actress Sumaiya Azgar Raha was third runner of Lux Channel I Superstar beauty hunting contest. She successfully performed many ramp model show.  Sumaiya Azgar Raha acted many Bangladeshi TV commercial advertisement. She is a popular drama actress also. Bangladeshi actress  Sumaiya Azgar Raha performed in Bangla movie 'Khoj -The search' with hero M. A. Jalil and Borsha. 

Bangladeshi ramp model actress Lux Superstar Sumaiya Azgar Raha has mysteriously died

24 March, 2013

Bangladeshi Girls Bangladeshi Pictures and Photos

Bangladeshi girls are cute, sweet and talented. Now a day many Bangladeshi girls are working in various environments. Every year there are some talented and intelligent girl are coming to the media and they establish herself in media related sector. Many Bangladeshi TV media arrange beauty and talent hunting reality show and through those beauty hunting shows many Bangladeshi girls coming into entertainment media sector. Here are some Bangladeshi pictures of Bangladeshi girls.

Bangladeshi girl
Bangladeshi girl

Bangladeshi university girl from Bangladesh latest pictures

If you are familiar with Bangladeshi university girl from Bangladesh, you may know about beautiful Bangladeshi girls. They are very cooperative intelligent and talented. There are many foreigner girls in Bangladeshi university for higher education. Every year many foreigner girls completed their study from Bangladeshi university and after their study most of them back to their own country. Bangladeshi girls traditionally be a housewife after marriage but now a day the tradition is going to change. Now many Bangladeshi girls choose their profession in gov, government service and many girls choose business as profession. Here I have uploaded some Bangladeshi university girls pictures.

Bangladeshi university girl

22 March, 2013

Bangladeshi Movie Bangladeshi Natok and Model Photography

There was a bad time for Bangladeshi movie and Bangladeshi Natok when many Bangladeshi movies and Natok was not enjoyable for all Bangladeshi people. That was a dark time for the Bangladeshi entertainment industry. Most Bangladeshi people get backed their attention from media related entertainment industry, mainly from the film industry. But now that day is over. Now many talented Bangladeshi director made their revolutionary movie and drama for Bangladeshi cinema and Natok fan. After the famous Bd drama director and film maker Humayun Ahamed many new and talented directors established themselves in Bangladeshi TV and Cinema industry. Mostafa Sarwar Faruqe, Mostafa Kamal Raj, Redwan Rony is the pioneer of new Bangladeshi drama and movie director. Here I have uploaded some Bangladeshi movie and Bangladeshi Natok and Bangladeshi model Photography.

Airin sultana
Airin sultana

20 March, 2013

Bangladeshi girls Bangla movie hot actress model pictures

Bangladeshi girls are famous for their natural beauty. After the freedom of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi media are rising day by day. There are many types of entertainment media in Bangladesh such theatre, TV media and Bangladeshi film. Every day new face coming to the entertainment industry through many TV media or ramp modelling or any beauty contest. Bangladeshi TV is a very powerful media, many commercial advertisements coming to broadcast day by day. Many Bangladeshi models perform in TV commercial advertisement and Bangladeshi Natok.


15 March, 2013

Bangladeshi Actress Amrita Khan Latest Image and News

Amrita Khan is very renown name in Bangladeshi entertainment media. She is one of the hot sexy Bangladeshi model actress  now in the industry. Amrita started her cultural career as a dancer and she completed her learning dance in her childhood. Bangladeshi hot actress Amrita khan came to audience discussion when she performed TV commercial advertisement. Amrita khan is a talented and gorgeous performer in Bangladeshi Showbiz.

Bangladeshi hot actress Amrita khan

12 March, 2013

Mehazabien Chowdhury Bangladeshi Model Actress Picture

Mehazabien Chowdhury now a day is very known name and face in Bangladeshi media. Mehazabien born in port city Chittagong. Among 5 kids of her parent Mehazabien is the eldest of all. Bangladeshi hot model Mehazabien Chowdhury  came to center of attention when she own Biggest beauty hunning tv show Lux channel I superstar 2010.Here are some picture of Bangladeshi model Mehazabien Chowdhury. All image Bangladeshi model Mehazabien Chowdhury collection from various website. Mehazabien Chowdhury came to media when she participate in Lux channel I superstar beauty contest. Here some hot picture of Bangladeshi model Mehazabien Chowdhury..

11 March, 2013

Hot Sexy Bangladeshi Model Actress Prova Shanto Wedding Unseen Picture

So far we know from various media Sadia jahan Prova is sweet gentle and talented model actress in Bd media. But she is still in discussion for her x husbands Rajib's dishonesty. Rajib is coward who published their internal personal adult video for general people and is was the turning point for Prova's media career. But after all expected situation now Prova is regular in Bangladeshi media and we welcome her. Here is Hot Sexy Bangladeshi Model Actress Prova Shanto Wedding Unseen Picture

06 March, 2013

Bangladeshi Model Prova and Rajib Wedding Picture and Photo

Prova is a hottest model actress in Bangladeshi TV drama,advertisement related media. Rajib was her husband. Many media and people says that Prova Rajib scandal video published but it is not right rajib was her husband and any lady can agree any sexual behave with her husband and Prova done that. But her husband was a stupid guy just like and animal who published it for people and who have not minimum responsibility to her x wife. Shame animal like Rajib. Here I have published some picture and photo of the Provo Rajib wedding. In the photograph we saw popular singer S.I.Tutul and his wife Tania ahamed was present on the marriage ceremony. So Mr. Rajib should honor to all guest present on his marriage ceremony, but he is so dishonest that he published their internal sexual video on internet. Here I have uploaded some picture of  Bangladeshi Model Prova and Rajib Wedding.

Bangladeshi Model Prova Latest HD Picture

Prova full name is Sadia Jahan Prova is a very gorgeous and cute Model in Bangladeshi TV related media. May be Prove is a most popular Bangladeshi model. She already performed many television advertisements and dramas. After a few month absence now Prova is a regular model actress in Bangladeshi showbiz.
Bangladeshi Model Prova
Bangladeshi Model Prova

05 March, 2013

Bangladeshi Super Heroine Lamia Mimo Latest Picture

Lamia Mimo is very hot cute model actress in Bangladesh TV media and entertainment related industry. Lamia Mimo was winner of Super hero super heroine competition. Here some exclusive new picture of Bangladeshi Super Heroine Lamai Mimo.

Bangladeshi Model Actress Eamin Haque Bobby Profile and Pictures

Boby full name is Eamin Haque Bobby is very popular artist in Bangladeshi showbiz. Now she is popular model and actress in Bangladeshi entertainment media. She is supermodel Bangladesh 2009 Eamin Haque Bobby is winner Miss Asia Pacific® 2011 Bangladesh Competition.

 A SHORT PROFILE of Eamin Haque Bobby
Age : 25
Height : 169 cm
Measurements : 35/25/35
Hair Color : Deep Brown
Eye Color : Black

Bangladeshi Actress Swagata Latest News and Pictures

Swagata is a popular actress in TV related media. She has a gorgeous look and attractive personality. Swagata is a regular drama performer in the Bangladeshi drama industry. Her full name is Zinat Sanu Swagata, she was born on 31 August.  Her father's name is Khoda Bokhsh Sanu. Her father is a teacher of music. Apart from that Zinat Sanu Swagata is a singer and program presenter.

Bangladeshi actress Zinat Sanu Swagata
Bangladeshi actress Zinat Sanu Swagata

Bangladeshi model, actress and presenter Zinat Sanu Swagata came to limelight by presenting some popular TV programs. She is a student of 'Music and Media' of Stamport University.

04 March, 2013

Picture and Photo Collection of Lux Chennel I Super star 2010

Lux Chennel I super star is the biggest beauty hunting reality show in Bangladesh. There are many beautiful girl coming to showbiz through Lux Channel I super star and most of the establish herself as a professional model or actor in Bangladeshi TV, movie or any media related entertainment industry . Here are some exclusive picture and photo of Lux channel I super star 2010.

Hot Model Actress Airin Sultana Latest Picture and Photos

Airin sultan is a gorgeous and talented model actress in Bangladeshi showbiz. She is a hot and beautiful actress also. Airin sultana started her media career as a ramp model. Here is some exclusive latest image and wallpaper of Airin Sultana.

19 February, 2013

Bangladeshi TV Media Hot Model Actress Latest Image and Wallpaper

Bangladeshi TV hot model
There are many hot model in Bangladeshi TV media . Most of them are hot sexy and talented. Many model choose their profession as TV model. Here I have uploaded some successful Bangladeshi TV media hot model actress latest image and wallpaper.

14 February, 2013

Hot and Popular Bangladeshi Actress Apu Biswas Latest Pictures and Wallpaper

Bangladeshi Film Actress Apu Biswas
Bangladeshi Film Actress Apu Biswas

May be Apu Biswas is a most busy and popular actress in the Bangladeshi film industry. It has been a long time Apu Biswas continues acting as a talented and popular Bangladeshi film artist. No one of the Bangladeshi actress is comparable with Apu Biswas popularity. Here is some hot and popular Bangladeshi actress Apu Biswas latest picture and wallpaper

08 February, 2013

Bangladeshi Actress Tarin Latest Pictures and Photos

Bangladeshi popular and experienced actress Tarin latest picture and photos.

Bangladeshi model actress Kushum Shikdar latest picture

Kushum Shikdar is very popular and talented Bangladeshi film and drama actress . Here is Bangladeshi model actress Kushum Shikdar latest picture.

Bangladeshi hot and sexy actress pictures collection


Film actress and TV actress are top celebrity in Bangladesh. There are many hot and sexy celebrities in Bangladeshi media industry. Here is some hot and sexy Bangladeshi actress latest picture.

24 January, 2013

Bd model actress Tinni biography and photo album

Tinni is one of the most popular and sexy model actress in Bangladeshi media. Bd model actress Tinni started her career with modeling. Her full name is Srabonti Dutta Tinni. Bd hot model Srabonti Dutta Tinni is now a busy actress in TV and Film media.She already acted in many drama, drama series, film and TV advertisement. Her most popular ad was Banglalink Desh. Few years ago Bd model Tinni marriage another famous star Hillol. They have child who's name is Owarissa. They are happy in their family life. Here is some picture of Srabonti Dutta Tinni.

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