19 September, 2012

Bangladeshi Model Actress Sohana Saba Latest Pictures and Biography

Bangladeshi model actress Sohana Saba is a gorgeous and talented actress in the Bangladeshi media industry. Bd actress Sohana saba performed in many drama, drama series and advertisement. Bangladeshi TV media actress Sohana saba is very popular in Television visitor. Her popular drama is Poush Faguner PalaManobjomin, Schonchko chil ar dana, Bibirno valobasha. Dallywood model actress Shohana saba is married. Her husband is also a TV drama maker.
Bangladeshi hot model sohana saba picture

BD Most Popular Model Actress Opi Karim Latest Photos

Opi Karim is one of the greatest model actress in BD entertainment media. Opi Karim is a very known face in Bangladeshi TV media visitor. She is a professional artist in Bangla film and drama. Opi Karim is gorgeous and talented actress. Here are some latest photos of Opi Karim.

Bangladeshi TV media hot actor actress and model exclusive picture

TV media is the biggest entertainment media in Bangladesh. It is most popular entertainment media also. Most of the people of Bangladeshi daily enjoy its drama,tele-film,drama-series,magazine,sports,music video etc. Here is some Bangladeshi TV media actor and actress hot HD picture.

18 September, 2012

Bangladeshi actress,singer,journalist Hasan Masud picture and photos

Before working in Bangladeshi media Hasan masud was a journalist. Hasan masud started his media career with Mostafa Sarwar Faruque. Now Hasan masun is successful aritst in Banladeshi media related entertainment industry. He is a popular singer also. Hasan masud already performed many popular drama,tele-film and drama series, some of those listed here :Bachelor, FDC, Sixty Nine (69), Taxi Driver, House Full, Bou, Khunshuti, Ranger Duniya, Graduate, Batasher Ghor, Aana Aana Pai Pai, Chiro Kumar Songho, Shokher Gari, Nayok Aseni, Ekjon Raisuddin,

Bangladeshi pop singer and celebrity Mehrin picture collection (photo album)

Mehrin is a famous Bangladeshi pop singer and celebrity. She is hot,sexy and she has attractive figure. Mehrin already publish many audio album and she became very popular to young generation basically for her tune style and personality. 

Bangladeshi model actress Mehrin Islam Nisha picture ( photo album)

Mehrin Islam Nisha is gorgeous model in Bangladeshi media. She started her career as a model. But now she is a popular actress also. She already performed in many TV dramas. Her most popular drama name is 'Gulshan Avenue'.

17 September, 2012

Bangladeshi Model, Actress Sumaiya Shimu latest HD picture and photos

Shimu is one of the most sexy and hot model actress in the Bangladeshi entertainment industry. Shimu full name is Sumaiya Shimu. Sumaiya Shimu is most popular for her attractive figure and sweet smile. Sumaiya Shimu  is gorgeous and talented model actress in BD showbiz. She already established herself as a professional artist in Bangladeshi TV media. She acted may drama, drama-series so that she became very popular and gathered experience. Here is some latest HD picture and photo of Sumaiya Shimu.

Popular BD Model Actress Richi Latest Picture

Bangladeshi actress Richi Solaiman was born in Dhaka to M M Solaiman. He is a successful actress in her time in the Bangladeshi  entertainment arena. Bangladeshi actress Richi Solaiman started her school education with Sain Jude School. Richi won her bachelor degree from Asia Pacific University.

There are many model actress in Bangladeshi media industry some of them are very cute, famous and talented, Richi is one of them. Richi is gorgeous and profissional artist in Bangladeshi entertainment related media industry. Her full name is Richi Solaiman She already acted many popular dramas, drama-series. Here are some latest pictures and photos collection of Richi Solaiman.

Bangladeshi model actress Nadia latest picture and photos

Bangladeshi famous model actress Nadia ahmed is a talented and popular artist in Bangladeshi media related entertainment industry. Nadia ahmed is not regular artist in media but she is a very popular and gorgeous artist in Bangladeshi TV media. She already acted in many drama,drama-series and many advertisement.

Kusum Shikdar Bangladeshi Famous Film Actress Latest Picture and News

Kusum Shikdar is very popular name in Bangladeshi entertainment media. Kusum Shikdar was a Lux channel I super star. She is very gorgeous and talented model actress in Bangladeshi media related entertainment media. She already acted two super hit bangla film. One is Gohiner Shopdho and another is Lal Tip.

Bangladeshi film TV actress model Farhana mili picture and biography

Farhana Mili is one of the talented and popular film and TV actress in the Bangladeshi media related entertainment industry. Farhana Mili is also a talented model. She already acted many super hit drama and film. Farhana mili started her media career as a model. After performed in directory Gies Uddin Salim 'Monpura' film she becomes very popular. She acted in many popular dramas such Aporaner golpo, Asaia aktikotha, Tea or coffee, Akjon mekupoman, Uupno fara bari. She married Rashidul Islam on 14 jun 2011.

16 September, 2012

Top Bangladeshi model actress photo gallery

There are many drama, film,drama-series,tele-film releasing day day in Bangladeshi media industry, There are many talented model actress established themselves as professional artist. we are hopeful about Bangladeshi media will go to world class in near future. Here is some media star photo gallery.

Popular Bangladeshi model actress latest picture

There are many private TV channel in Bangladeshi and there are many popular model and actress acting in drama, advertisement,tele-film and drama-series. Here is some popular model actress picture.

15 September, 2012

Popular Bangladeshi model actress Bindu's photo gallery ( picture collection)

Bindu is very known face in Bangladeshi film TV media industry. She already established herself as a professional artist in Bangladeshi film and TV media. Here is a photo gallery ( picture collection)

Bangladeshi hot and sexy model actress Salma Rosey's photo gallery

Salma Rosey is one of the most hot and sexy model actress in Bangladeshi media. She started her career as a  ramp model. Now she is very popular model and actress in Bangladeshi entertainment industry.

Bangladeshi popular model and actress Noushin's photo gallery

 Nowshin was a successful RJ and now she is a popular model and TV actress. She acted many drama and drama series. Here is a photo gallery of Nowshin.

Bangladeshi model actress Mehjabin photo gallery

Mehjabin is a talented and popular model actress in Bangladeshi (bd) entertainment media. Mehjabin already established herself as a successful model and talented actress in media industry.


New photo gallery of Bangladeshi model Bidha Sinha Mim

Bidha sinha min is a popular name in Bangladeshi media. She was lux channel I superstar and she acted many drama and film. Bidha sinha mim already established herself as a talented and professional artist in Bangladeshi media. Here is photo gallery of Bangladeshi model  Bidha sinha mim.

Bangladeshi model  Bidha sinha mim

Bangladeshi model and actress Monalisa latest photo gallery

Monalisa is a talented and popular name in Bangladeshi TV and Film related entertainment media. Bangladeshi model Monalisa is of most sucessful model in Bangladeshi TV media, She already performed may super hit TV commercial like Lily cosmetics , Fizz up etc. Bd model Monalisa sucessfully performed many drama drama serial. Here is a photo gallery of top model actress Monalisa.

Bangladeshi model Monalisa

14 September, 2012

Bangladeshi hot model actress Tinni photo gallery

Most Popular Bangladeshi Model Actress Anika Kabir Shokh Photo Gallery

Anika Kabir Shokh is a talented and most popular model and actress in Bangladeshi TV media. Shokh performed in many super hit dramas and drama series. She mostly known as a famous model. Her most popular TV advertisement series is Bangladeshi cell phone operator Bangla Link Advertisement. Her first television drama serials is 'F&F'. Here is a photo gallery of Bangladeshi model Anika Kabir Shokh. 

Bd model actress Chandni latest picture

Chadni is a talented and beautiful actress in Bangladeshi entertainment media. Here is a picture of Chadni.

Bd Sweet Model and Actress Prova New Pictures

Prova is a one of most beautiful and talented model actress in Bangladeshi media. Here is some new picture of Sadia jahan prova.

Bd hot and sexy model Antia new picture

Antia is a beautiful and sexy Bangladeshi model. Antia already established herself as a talented model in Bangladeshi entertainment media.

13 September, 2012

World famous Djuice new advertisement 'One world one Djuice' video song

Djuice surprising call rate comes one after one and now Djuice comes with new attractive offer 'One World One Djuice'.

Bangladeshi film 'The Speed' and actor,actress some HD pictures

Bangladeshi new film actor and producer M A Jalil  Ananta released his second film 'The Speed' which directed by Shohanur Rahman Shohan.  Here is video tailor and some picture of movie The Speed.

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