20 September, 2013

Bangladeshi entertainment related media artist latest news and pictures

Day by day Bangladeshi entertainment industry growing and we saw many world class performers
in the industry. Now a day ramp modelling is very popular and it is the gateway to build careers
in the Bangladeshi entertainment world.We saw every year many talented and successful artist came
to Bangladeshi media through ramp modelling. Every year new comer gather in Bangladeshi TV related
media, commercial film. In the article I have submitted some successful and talented Bangladeshi media
artist picture.
Bangladeshi entertainment artist

19 September, 2013

Bangladeshi Singer Borsha Chowdhury Latest News, Biography

Borsha Chowdhury is a well known name in Bangladeshi new generation music lovers.There are a few singers like Borsha who became such popular. Borsha not only a singer, but she also likes to compose music. Music is her dream. Borsha came to audience attention when her first audio album name 'Borsha Mix' released. In 2012 Bangladeshi singer Borsha Chowdhury released her second album name 'Duet Borsha'. Bangladeshi singer Borsha chowdhury learnt music from her uncle Kabir Hossain for the first time. Later she got training from BAFA.She firstly gave vocal for a track in a Soundtek’s album titled ‘Swapnojatra’ in 2003. She was away from music for near about eight years due to physical illness. In the post I have added some exclusive and HD photograph of singer Borsha.
Bangladeshi Singer Borsha Chowdhury
Bangladeshi Singer Borsha Chowdhury

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