05 December, 2014

Bangladeshi Model Actress Nowshin Biography

Bangladeshi Model Actress Nowshin
Bangladeshi Model Actress Nowshin

Bangladeshi Hot Model Nowshin Nehreen Mou:

Nowshin Nahreen Mou widely known as RJ Nowshin. Bangladesh hot model Nowshin is a talented model actress in Bangladeshi media. She started her career as a RJ ( Radio Jockey). Nowshin started her RJ career 2007. Nowshen’s  attractive presentation made her most popular and young generation heartthrob with in short time. Nowshin was a young and successful program host and presenter in FM Radio.

Nowshin Nehreen Mou’s Early life:

Nowshin was married a business man but they was not happy in their life so after birth a daughter they divorced each other. After divorces Nowshin went to USA. In 2012 Nowshin married Bangladeshi actor Hillol how was married talented and beautiful Bangladeshimodel actress Tinne. But they break down their marriage with in a short time. So far we know now Nowshin and Hillol spending their time very good.

Bangladeshi model Nowshin’s Career:

Though bdmodel Nowshin started her career as a popular RJ. Now she is a popular model actress in Bangladeshi media. Nowshin excellent presentation skill make her as a icon in FM radial. When she shifted her career to modeling and acting, within a short time she established herself as a successful model actress in Bangladeshi media. Bd hot model Nowshins’s notable television dramas are: “Is equals to” “Doorchya”, “The Family”, “Provati sobuj songoo”. Bangladeshi actress Nowshin being popular day by day. Now Nowshin is not a model she is alos a film actress .She already performed in three movies .
Bangladeshi model actress Nowshin performed in many TVC ( television commercials). Her notable TVC are: ‘Pran milk Mowder’, Fast washing Powder”.
Nowshin Other activities: Besides media activities Nowshin is a business man. She is an owner of a fashion house. Nowshin and Hillol run the business.
Bangladeshi Model And Actress Nowshin Nahreen Mou’s first film is “Shuachan Pakhi”. Her second and thired films are “Hello Amit “Dudu Mia” but none of above  are released yet.

Bangladeshi actress Nowshin’s Biography:

Thought now Nowshin is a popular face in Bangladeshientertainment industry. But Nowshin came to the state through high struggle. One a day she was a RJ. In that career she proved her quality and make her a popular Radio Jokey. There are a huge fans Nowshin have. But she shifted her career to modelling an acting. In television media she proved her skill and now is the time to prove her as a successful film actress.

Nowshin’s New Picture:

Bd Actress Nowshin
Nowshin on bicycle with popular actor Emon

Bd Actress Nowshin
Nowhsin's cute photo

Bangladeshi Model Actress Nowshin
Nowshin on the sea

Bd Actress Nowshin
Nowshin in a romantic short with Emon

Bd Model Actress Nowshin
Nowshin with regular easy pose.

Bd Actress Nowshin
Nowshin in Black and white 

Bd Actress Nowshin
Bangladeshi actress Nowshin in attrctive mode

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