29 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim Biography and Pictures

Mosharraf Karim is veteran actor who is as same popular from village to town in Bangladeshi television to film audiences . Though Mosharraf Karim was born and brought up in Dhaka City. He was born on 22 August 1972 but his home district is Barishal.

Mosharraf Karim is widely popular among the general Bangladeshi television drama audiences all over the country for his absolutely magnificent performance and linguistic skills. Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim’s unique acting skill added a different dimension in the television drama and overall acting in Bangladesh. He was very interested in acting from his childhood. In 1986 Mosharraf Karim joined the theater troupe "Nattokendro" and worked for near about 15 years. After that, Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim performed on the small screen in 1999 with Ferdous Hasan's play 'Atithi, which was aired on Channel I. After that he never had to look back.

Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim struggled in the first phase of his life. His real journey in the media started in 2004 when he acted in two dramas which brought him the fame as a persevering actor. Mosharraf Karim started acting regularly after he performed in the ‘Karam’ with co-artist Tisha.
He rose to prominence after performing in the drama Keram. In drama his performances were praised by critics and within a very short time Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim made himself as a heartthrob of Bangladeshi young generation drama audiences.The length of his stay at the popularity zenith, in fact, stays uncontested till date.

Bangladeshi actor Mosharrf Karim said about his acting and career: "Actually I never took TV acting seriously until 2004; rather I was enjoying working in theater. In the latter part of 2004, I had to change my decision and take to TV acting professionally due to a family crisis. And my Acting technique, well at first I read script of a play thoroughly and delve into the demands of my character. If I find that the character will not suit my personality then I will not opt for it"

Though actor Mosharraf Karim started her acting career from his early life but she started performing in television drama with the talented drama director Ferdous Hasan's  drama 'Otithi' on 1999. His notable drama (Natok) and drama serials are:  "Serious Akta Kotha Achea", Thua, Hawai Mithai, Borshar Dui Din, Chaiya Chaiya, karum, Karum 2, Kobi Bolechen, Sakin Sharisuri, FnF, 420, Behind the scene, Prai Rockstar, Flexiload, Valo Manush, Loss, Shondhan Chai, City Life, Shada Golap, Out of Network, Jimmi, Due Rustom, Aim of Life, Houseful, fifty 50, Harkipty. Chander Nijer Kono Alo Nei, Red Signal, Long March, Hatem Ali, Shikander Box, Vover hat, Ghor Kutum.

Bangladeshi drama actor Mosharraf Karim is not a regular film actor, he played role in movie always for some special character. His notable Bangladeshi Bangla films are: 'Third person singular Number' directed by Mostafa Sarwar Faruqe, Daru Chini Dip directed by Twiker Ahamed and the story based on Bangladeshi legend writer Humayun Ahamed, Rup Kother Golpo, Projapoti and Television which is directed by Mostafa Sarwar Faruqe.

 Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim' New Pictures:

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim with Prova

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim with some Bangladeshi actor

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim With Model Actress Rakhi

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim with Mahfuz Ahamed and Anisur Rahman Milon

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim's Drama 'Prai Rockstar' Video:


Bangladeshi Drama Actor Mosharraf Karim's Biography: 

 Full Name: Mosharraf Karim
Nick Name: Shamim
Birth Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Home Town: Barishal
Date of Birth: 22 August 1972
 Spouse Name: Rubina Jui
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam
Awards: Maril Prothom-Alo (Best TV actor for 7 times)
First TV Drama: "Otithi' directed by  Ferdous Hasan.
Remarkable Dramas: Keram, Kerum 2, Thua, FNF, 420, Behind the scene. Sakin Sarisuri
Remarkable Movies: Daru Cheni Dip, Third Person Singular Number, Television, Projapoti

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