29 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actor Mosharraf Karim Biography and Pictures

Mosharraf Karim is veteran actor who is as same popular from village to town in Bangladeshi television to film audiences . Though Mosharraf Karim was born and brought up in Dhaka City. He was born on 22 August 1972 but his home district is Barishal.

Mosharraf Karim is widely popular among the general Bangladeshi television drama audiences all over the country for his absolutely magnificent performance and linguistic skills. Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim’s unique acting skill added a different dimension in the television drama and overall acting in Bangladesh. He was very interested in acting from his childhood. In 1986 Mosharraf Karim joined the theater troupe "Nattokendro" and worked for near about 15 years. After that, Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim performed on the small screen in 1999 with Ferdous Hasan's play 'Atithi, which was aired on Channel I. After that he never had to look back.

28 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Model Jacqueline Mithila Biography and Pictures

Bangladeshi bold model  Jacqueline Mithila already made huge controversial countrywide. She has been posting one after one hot and sexy photo in her Facebook profile. Now a day her fans are rapidly increasing. She shoot picture without any wear basically her topless picture made her more popular. She is confident about her modeling.  Jacqueline Mithila said she can do anything for her modeling career. She is following the way of Bangladeshi hot and sexy model Naila Nayem and trino. Many of her follower think that within very short time  Bangladeshi model Jacqueline Mithila will post her completely nude picture because, she already posted her picture topless and wearing only BIKINI. Many of her audiences think Bangladeshi model Jacqueline Mithila will be  the Sunny Leon of Bangladesh.
Bangladeshi Model Jacqueline Mithila
Bangladeshi hot model actress Jacqueline Mithila trying heart and soul to establish herself in Bangladeshi media. She took the opportunities of social networking. A Facebook profile can make a star, it is the another example of that. Many crazy fans wait daily for a new picture, Jaqueline Mithila does not dishearten her fans, she continue post one after one nude and adult picture for them. She posed for various magazine and she got praise by critics.

17 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Model Trino Photo Gallery

Trino is a newcomer in the entertainment industry of Bangladesh. She started her media career through ramp modeling. She already made much controversial in the showbiz. Trino started walking on the way of hot Bangladeshi ramp model and drama actress Naila Nayem and Jannatul Ferdous Peya. Some of her sexy picture made strome in the Bangladeshi showbiz.

Ramp model trino picture

13 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Model Trino New Pictures and Biography

Bangladeshi model Trino is a new sensation in Bangladeshi entertainment industry. She is a newcomer in the industry. She started her media career as a ramp model. Bd model Trino is a student of North South University. Bangladeshi ramp model Trino has created huge controversies by wearing the flag of Brazil. She followed the way of another controversial model Naila Nayem during the world cup football 2014. Trino gained the attention of audiences as those pictures were much open. She began ramp modeling from 2011.Trino said "I am not following any one, I always work as my own style".
Bangladeshi hot model Trino
Bangladeshi Model Trino

Model actress Trino always dreams to be an actress and work in silver screen. She is preparing herself to make her permanent space in Bangladeshi media. She is particularly grateful to Saiful Islam Manon to allow her to perform in his dramas. Bangladeshi actress Trino started her acting career through a tele-film named 'Cigarette' by Saiful Islam Mannon and after that she played role in tele-film 'Veja Veja Bristite' Directed by Saiful Islam Mannon. Trino recently performed television serials Cholo Hariye Jai Directed by Saiful Islam Mannon CustDilara Jaman, Doli Johur, Misu, Trino, Naim, Mamunur Rashid, Dilara Jaman, Doli Johur, Sams Sumon, Korobi Mizan, Nasim, Al Mamun, Saberi Alam, Qadri, Tazin, Joti. Besides acting in drama Bd model Trino worked in  Imran and Oishi's "Tumi Chokh Mele Takale '.

11 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actress Shahnoor

Bangladeshi Actress Shahnoor is a nationwide popular actress in the Bangladeshi film industry. She is a heartthrob of Bangladeshi young generation film audiences.Bangladeshi Actress Shahnoor already performed in various Bangla movie.She attracted her audiences through her acting as well as her sexy body . There are many sexy Bangla film song shooted by Shahnoor.There are three Bangla movie released of Shahnoor last year. In this year she is performing in the six movies. Besides film Bangladeshi model actress Shahnoor performed in some TV dramas and TV serials.
Bangladeshi Actress Shahnoor
Bangladeshi Actress Shahnoor 
Bangladeshi hot actress Shahnoor acted in the movie Jibon Jontrona, directed by Zahid Hossain.

10 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya Biography and Pictures

Bangladeshi actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya was born in Khulna, she is studying in London University in the department of Law. She started her media career after winning the crown of Miss Bangladesh 2007.She made her acting debut with tele-film 'To Be or Not To Be'.  Actress Peya played role in several television dramas such as 'Projapotir Shukh Dukkho', To Be or Not To Be.

Bangladeshi Actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya
Bangladeshi actress Jannatul Ferdous Peya made her debut in movie with 'Chorabali'. Talented and eminent drama director Mostofa Kamal Raj made the film ‘Chorabali’. He cust Jannatul Ferdous Piya as a supporting actress in his film. The film was super hit in box office. After performing in Chorabali, Peya made her space in the hearts of Bangladeshi movie-goers. She has shown her terrific performance in the movie and after that she never had to look back. Her absolutely magnificent performance were praised by critics. The film also featured Joya Ahasan,ATM Shamsurzaman, Shahidurzaman Salim, Shohel Rana, Eris Zaker. Bangladeshi actress  Jannatul Ferdous Piya played a supporting role in the movie. Peya shown her cameo appearance in that movie. She was nominated for critics’ choice best actress of Meril Prothom Alo Award 2012. Peya already ready completed acting in four Bangladeshi Bangla movie such as : Chorabali, Gangstar Return, The Story of Samara, Probashir Prem.

09 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni Biography and Pictures

Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni is one of the talented actress and rising actress in the Bangladeshi film industry. She was born on October 24, 1992  in Narail as Shamsun Nahar. Pori Moni lost her mother when she was only three. Then she has gone to her grandparents residence at Pirojpur, Barishal. Actress Pori Moni spent her childhood in grandparent's residence.
Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni
Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni
Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni completed her SSC and HSC from Pirojpr , Barishal. After HSC Porimoni came to Dhaka and started her career as a model. Bangladeshi film actress Pori Moni build her audience through facebook page. She has created a FB-Page and continue upload her hot and attractive photos, within a shot period of time she became nation wide popular celebrity. After performing some television drama and commercials, Pori Moni gained audiences attention. She started her movie career through the movie 'Rana Plaza' which was postponed by the Bangladeshi sensor board and still not released. Her debut Bangladeshi Bangla movie is Bhalobasha Shimanaheen.

06 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Film Actress Achol Biography and New Pictures

Bangladeshi film actress Achol was born in Khulna to Hafizur Rahman and Salma Begum on 28 September. Actress Achol was born and brought up in there. She completed her SSC and HSC from Khulna. Achol was a student of Girls Pioneer School. After that she came to Dhaka and now she is a BBA student of Stamford University.Though Achol’s parents were not engaged with any cultural activities but, she was very interested in dancing from her childhood. She learnt dance from Anondo Dhara Academy
Bangladeshi Actress Achol 
Bangladeshi film actress Achol performed in a advertisement for ACI company when she was a student of class eight. And the step opened her window to showbiz and made her parents to interested about showbiz. From her childhood Achol was a big fan of Bangladeshi film especially of Bangladeshi famous actress Shabnur. She always dreamed to be an actress like Shabnur. 

Bangladeshi Actress Popy New Pictures and Biography

Bangladeshi film actress Popy, full name is Sadika Parvin Popy is one of the top actress in Bangladeshi cinema arena. Popy started her media career with a showbiz program called Lux Ananda Bichetra ' in 1995. Before debut in Bangladeshi movie Sadika Parvin Popy played a role in a drama called 'Hero' with co-actor Elies Kanchon.
Bangladeshi film actress Popy
Bangladeshi  Film Actress Popy
Bangladeshi actress Popy was born in Dhaka on 10 September, 1979, but her home district is Khulna. Though Sadika Parvin Popy's debut film was Koli but Amar Ghor Amar Behesht was released before Koli. The film Koli was the superhit movie. After that she never had to look back. Popy acted in more that 150 Bengali movies. Most of the modern popular Bangladeshi film actors acted with Popy in the film. Actress Popy won National Film Award for three times as a best actress of that year.

Bangladeshi Actress Purnima New Pictures and Biography

Bangladeshi film actress Purnima was discovered by director Zakir Hossain. Her debut movie is E Jibon Tomar Amar (1997). She started performing in the movie when she was in class eight and her debut movie released when she was a student of class nine.
Bangladeshi Actress Purnima
Bangladeshi Actress Purnima

Bangladeshi actress Purnima was born in Dhaka on July 11, 1981 but, ancestors are from Fotikchori Chittagong. She was discovered by talented Bangladeshi movie director Zakir Hossain. Purnima and Riaz are the most popular pair after Salman Shan, Shabnur pair in the Bangladeshi cinema arena. She won the Bangladeshi Government's National film Award 2010 for talented director Kazi Hayat's movie 'Ora Amake Valo Hote Dilona'. She played a role in the movie 'Shuva' which made based on Rabindranath Tagor's little story 'Shuvasini'. Actress Purnima played role in the movie as Shuva who is a mute girl.

05 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actress Shabnur Biography and Pictures

Bangladeshi film actress Shabnur, her full family name is Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur and nick name is Nupur. Shabnur was born and brought up in Jessore on 17 September 1979. Bangladeshi actress Shabnur started her media career with the talented and famous Bangladeshi film director Ehtashams movie 'Chandni Rate' in 1993, but the movie was not commercially successful. After flopping the movie Bangaldeshi movie actress Shabnur played role in the movie ‘ Tomake Chai'  with Bangladeshi legend actor Salman Shah.

Bd Actress Kazi Sharmin Nahid Nupur Shabnur
Bangladeshi  Actress  Shabnur
Shabnur acted 14 Bengali films with Bangladeshi legend actor Salman Shah. They were the most popular with the Bangladeshi film audiences. After death of Salman Shah, Shabnur performed with Shakib Khan, Shakil Khan, Omer Sany, Manna and with many Bangladeshi popular actors.

Bangladeshi actress Shabnur is not regular in movie for last few years she tied her life with business man Anik Mahmud. Now they live in Australia. They have a son whose name is Aijan Nehan.

Bangladeshi Model Adil Hossain Nobel Pictures and Biography

Bangladeshi most popular model Adil Hossain Nobel was born and brought up in Chittagong. He completed his SSC and HSC in Chittagong. There is no doubt that the Adil Hossain Nobel is the top most male model in the Bangladeshi media industry. He got audience attention for his attractive look and handsome figure. He is very successful in all sectors of the media where he stepped in.
Bangladeshi Model Nobel
Bangladeshi Model Nobel

04 October, 2015

Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan Latest News, HD Pictures & Biography

Joya  is now one of the top popular actresses in the Bangladeshi showbiz. Her full name is Joya Ahasan. She was the eldest daughter of Mr A S Masud and Mrs Rehana Masood. Her father was a freedom fighter.

Actress Joya Ahasan

Career: Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahasan  was interested in music and dancing so she acquired diploma in Rabindra Sangeet. She was a student of Eden University College, Dhaka. Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahasan started her career with a private job.
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